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SVG Editor Features

All online.No software download.

Edit SVG online

Online SVG editors allow you to create, open, and edit SVG files directly in your web browser without needing to install software. This makes editing SVG easy and convenient.

Export SVG to other formats

Export optimized SVG files or convert your vectors to standard image formats like JPG, PNG, and ICO.

Create SVG online

You can design original SVG graphics and assets directly in online vector editors with tools we support.

Add text to SVG

Use our text tool to add headings, labels, annotations, and more to your SVG designs in a variety of fonts and formatting

Change colors

Easily customize and restyle SVG by changing fill colors, gradients, and stroke properties through our visual style editing tools.

Resize SVG

Scale your SVG to any size for responsive web usage without losing quality thanks to the vector format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free online SVG editor?

The best free SVG editing software is feature-rich and easy to use just like our own online svg editor. With our intuitive and user-friendly interface, editing svg by adding filters, text, or other image adjustments is a breeze. It’s available as a free web-based app to edit your svg with out download software.

Which svg editor is best for beginners?

Whether you’re editing a simple SVG or looking for a more advanced tool to create professional SVG, we offers advanced tools that are super easy to use. No download required, you can start editing in a few clicks. For super quick svg editing, check out our online svg editor - for free.

how to open an SVG file?

You can open SVG files by accessing our free online SVG editor on PC. Choose an existing SVG file.Upload your SVG file to our editor. Take advantage of the same tools and features as you make quick edits and save it as a new file.

what is a SVG file?

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is an XML-based image file format for 2D graphics on the web and mobile apps. Unlike JPG/PNG, SVG use mathematical paths and shapes. This allows SVGs to scale to any size without lossing quality . Small file size, responsiveness, and support for animation make SVG ideal for logos, UI icons, graphs, and interactive elements on modern websites and apps.

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