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SVG Downloader Features

Everything you need to download, customize, and convert SVG files with ease.

Download svg icons with one click

with our browser extension, you can export all SVG icons from web by a single click and then you can select these icons to bulk download SVG icons.

Built-in SVG Editor

Copy SVG Code, Modify SVG colors, shapes, sizes, fonts, and text right in your browser.With our online SVG editor, it's easy to customize vectors.

Convert SVG Files

Convert SVG to PNG, JPG, ICO, and other image formats. Export SVG to Adobe Illustrator (.AI) to leverage advanced design features.

Image Analytics

Get detailed SVG metadata such as dimensions, file size, colors used, and more. This is useful for editing, troubleshooting, and managing SVG assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to export SVG from website? Get solutions to all your SVG extraction questions here.

What file types can I download?

We support download SVG files, and will support PNG, JPEG, GIF and other common image file types.

How to extract svg as file from web page?

Just install our svg dwonloader extension, go to target page and click the extension icon. This will extract all the SVG images so that you can then edit with our tool.

Does it work for all websites?

Yes, it can download SVG iamges from most websites. We're still improving compatibility.

Is there any limit on the number of downloads?

No limit! You can download as many SVG files as you want from any website.

Do I need an account?

No, You can download SVG without log in, you can download SVG for free

What browsers and devices are supported?

Our browser extension works on Chrome, and will support for Firefox, Edge desktop browsers.

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